RISO Prints


Eight-colour risograph prints that tell the myth of Eros and Psyche.

Two-colour risograph prints of Greta Gerwig's

Little Women and Rian Johnson's Knives Out


Hell Hath No Fury

Storyboards of Hell Hath No Fury - an original story about a recently-deceased party girl who finds herself in the pits of eternal damnation and makes a dangerous deal with the devil in the name of revenge.

:watch the animated storyboard


Character Designs

Character designs of Greek Mythological figures for the Eros and Psyche RISO Series 


Did You See That in Slo Mo?

27-page animated comic about Poppy, who doesn't believe in love, until she meets Rav at the bowling alley!

Instagram Sketchbook


© Marsha Niemeijer. All Rights Reserved.

© Marsha Niemeijer. All Rights Reserved.