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Poppy, a self-proclaimed ex-romantic, describes her dream boy.


Written, directed, produced and edited by Marsha Niemeijer. Starring Daxa Angresh as Poppy and Theo Akpinar as Dream Boy. 


Awards and screenings: 

-NYNewFilmmakers Official Selection (2020 Summer Session); NYC, NY

-Lift-Off Global Network First Time Filmmakers Session 2020

-Couch Film Festival Best Comedy Winner (2020 Summer Series), Ontario, Canada

Walking Home Alone

Thoughts of a young woman as she walks home alone at night.


Written, directed, produced and edited by Marsha Niemeijer. Starring Malaika Franks.

Shot  on  Film

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An electric fish-lizard hybrid monster discovers its powers. Two skeleton soulmates fall in love again. Shot on 35 mm film. 

Written, directed, shot, and edited by Marsha Niemeijer.

Production Design

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A young storyteller dares to break tradition in Garith Yang's short film, Blanca (2018). Starring Kristina Horan, Callie Beaulieu, and Gary Cummings.


Costume, make up, and production designed and created by Marsha Niemeijer




Four fairies fall in love on camera and grapple with the nature of their lives being filmed and broadcasted. Written, directed, and performed within 24 hours

Directed and designed by Marsha Niemeijer




Marsha was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2020, she graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), having studied filmmaking, illustration, and English literature. She is now based in Bangkok. 

She is interested in stories about complicated

women, woeful romances, and escapist fantasies. Marsha shares a birthday with Anne Hathaway,

Ryan Gosling, Roland Barthes, and Augustine Rodin, - coincidentally amongst the many people she

would invite to her dream dinner party.

Marsha can be found watching the latest horror flick with a medium popcorn and coke at her local cinema, or tapping away on her laptop working on her newest project. 

If you're still perplexed as to who she is, shoot Marsha an email at marshaniemeijer@gmail.com. Or send a message in a bottle. It'll get to her eventually.



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